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aw, you cutie XD i’m flattered :) <3

Title: Das & Divya's Theme (Instrumental)
Artist: Gopi Sunder

Bangalore Days BGM in HDDownload

Title: Before the Race (Instrumental)
Artist: Gopi Sunder

Voice-over translation: 
Father: Arjun, I’m an Army man. Your indiscipline will not be tolerated in this house…I can’t be embarrassed by a son like this anymore!
Mother: [to the father] Even when I told you I didn’t want to have children YOU wanted a child. So don’t blame me!
Sarah’s mother: Your background is a little different….Nothing less than perfect will do for my daughter.

Bangalore Days BGM in HD | Download

Title: The Opening Credits (Instrumental)
Artist: Gopi Sunder, Nivin Pauly

Voice-over translation: 
Kuttan: It has always been like that…Divya, Aju, and me. We shared many of our childhood memories and dreams. When it was school vacation those two would come to my house. Then for two months it we would have so much fun together…with cars, and bikes, and cycles…in a world completely of our own. We were in it together for everything… from jumping into the pond, playing cricket, and secretly smoking cigarettes to getting caned for it. But after school finished the three of us went three separate ways. One of the dreams we had back then was Bangalore. 

Bangalore Days BGM in HDDownload

Title: Maangalyam (Instrumental)
Artist: Gopi Sunder

Bangalore Days BGM in HDDownload

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what do you use to download videos to gif, and to what file extension? I tried downloading a movie from youtube with keepvid but it wouldn't open

I use keepvid sometimes but if that doesn’t work I use And I always download in .mp4. Maybe that will help you open them :)

prithvi’s a daddy (◠‿◠✿)


Dulquer Salmaan, Parvathi Menon

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Happy Onam in advance Meri Jaanu Meri Jaan! (Wishing you now, 'cause I'll probably forget in all the rush of the pre-wedding/wedding functions that I'm going to this week :///) Wishing you, and your family (as well as everyone else who celebrates it obvs) a wonderful Onam and hope you're doing good! (And yes I know I need to see BD but I'm too busy atm - will watch it when I have the time ^^) xoxoxoxo

aww, bless- ofc you would send me an advance onam wish and ofc i would be super late in replying (like onam was yesterday- what even is my life?) and thank you very much meri jaanu meri jaan. you don’t know how happy it makes me to know that not only would you find out it was onam without any indication on my behalf and send me a wish (being a non-mallu and whatnot…i think i’ll just adopt you as a malayali tbh), but also continue to send me such lovely messages while i’m totally out of it on here. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3333