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July 2014
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midukki asked

All of them pweaase (and for mango- when will you be teaching me to be as talented and flawless as you???)


Anything for my favourite penne :~)

  • MELON - my first impression of you: Who is this awesome girl making them awesome edits, koi toh roko isse ;_;
  • PEACH - what I like most about your blog: the variety of fandoms your blog reflects. Just by scrolling through the first page we are exposed to a multifariousness! Malluwood se Bollywood se Kollywood se Hollywood, and if I may say, Lollywood tak!!!
  • VANILLA - what I like most about you: Sab kuch, there’s nothing not to like about you!! But what I do love about you is your willingness and openness to different fandoms. 
  • LILAC - why/how I started following you: yaara I’m so forgetful, that I couldn’t possibly pinpoint one specific thing that made me follow you. I think it was an ensemble of things actually- I just couldn’t resist!
  • ORANGE - my opinion of you and our status: You’re brilliant, Cathy. Always sharing some mallu awesomeness with us ignorants. I might as well go as far as saying you’ve enlightened me to a whole new way of life…by introducing me to Dulquer and Nivin ;_; #my2husbands
  • COCONUT - a blog that reminds me of yours: none, Catherine, none. YOU ARE YOUR UNIQUE SELF and no one comes close to you.
  • PLUM - a song that reminds me of you/your blog: Khalbilethee khalbilethee!!!!! Kizhakku pookum!!!!! and Johnny Mone Johnny too!
  • SWEET PEA - would I go out with you: Ya it’s settled. Either make your way to here or I come there~
  • STRAWBERRY - I secretly think…: You’re too good for all of us. 
  • MANGO - anything you want me to answer about you: Like I said b4, either make your way here or send me a ticket for there. I will teach you everything (not that you need it of course).

my heart just burst into a thousand m&ms of pure happines

July 2014

Anonymous asked

wait whAT did you get a personal invite to the wedding?????

yah, because me and naz are like bffls4lyfe.

LOL omfg- no, it was just something i saw on fb and was like ‘ohh, that’s cute’

July 2014

arjun kapoor’s twitter is a blessing on mankind

July 2014

Anonymous asked

Where are you from ?

should be in the faq (now i wonder why i put that there? *quizzical sarcastic face*). i’m from god’s own country- currently residing in the continent down under ;P